Monday, January 21, 2013

the melody, i swear, its just around that way, volume 2 - by Bree (CC#38)

Cover art by Bree (text added by JC)

Crisis Chronicles Press is bursting into song over the publication of Bree's long-awaited the melody, i swear, its just around that way, volume 2.  Published on 21 January 2013, this chapbook features 22 pages of poem-songs, lovingly hand assembled and saddle staple bound with white cover stock, goldenrod endpapers, and white pages.  8.5 x 5.5", inkjet printed with front and back cover art by Bree.  About 70 copies in print.  To get yours, send $6 in any form to Crisis Chronicles Press, 3431 George Avenue, Parma, Ohio 44134 USA.

Click here to read (and hear Bree sing) "Prince John" from the chapbook.
Click here to read an alternate version of the chapbook's "Trees and Bushes." 
Click here to see ratings of the melody, volume 2 at Goodreads.

Bree at The Lit in Cleveland - photo by JC
Bree is a Cleveland poet best known for her Green Panda Press, which produces art and poetry books for the small press. She is also a songwriter, and performed her poems with the bands Johnnycake and Very Sharp & Midnight from the nineties to the early aughts. While volume 1 of the melody (published by Crisis Chronicles in 2011) was mainly poems which later became songs, the work in volume 2 is mostly songs that also read as poems. Bree is the author of many other books including Let Cupid Know (Ronin, 2011) and Laying Pans (Ecstatic Peace, 2009), along with memoirs The Rainbow Sweater & My Mother (Green Panda, 2011) and was chicken trax amid sparrows tread (The Temple, 2009). Her work appears in little presses like The City, ArtCrimes, Big Bridge, Arthur, Bottle of Smoke and many like ‘em.

Buy both volumes of the melody, i swear, its just around that way together for only $11.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Red Hibiscus - by Heather Ann Schmidt (CC#36)

Cover art by Heather Ann Schmidt
Spring comes early at Crisis Chronicles Press as Heather Ann Schmidt's long awaited Red Hibiscus blossoms into print on New Year's Day 2013!  Red Hibiscus is 26 pages, handbound with care, 8.5 x 5.5", inkjet printed, featuring a saddle stapled pale coral card stock cover with deep grape endpapers and white pages.  Contents include "Song for Lilith," "Ode to a Pablo Neruda Nude," "Ghazal of the Night," "Neorealism on the Streets of Birmingham," "Duende in a Black Dress," "Ganymede ," "French Quarter Tryst" and much more.  Around 70 copies in print.  Available for $7 from Crisis Chronicles Press, 3431 George Avenue, Parma, Ohio 44134 USA.

Click here
to read "Ganymede" from Red Hibiscus in Pirene's Fountain.

Click here to read "French Quarter Tryst" from Red Hibiscus in the Crisis Chronicles.
Click here to see ratings of Red Hibiscus at Goodreads.

Heather Ann Schmidt received her MFA from National University and has taught writing for a number of higher learning institutions.  A fine singer and visual artist, she also edits the tinfoildresses poetry journal and is the founding editor of Recycled Karma Press.  Her previous books include Batik (NightBallet Press, 2012), Transient Angels (Crisis Chronicles 2011), On Recalling Life Through the Eye of the Needle (Village Green, 2011), Channeling Isadora Duncan (Gold Wake, 2009) and The Bat's Love Song: American Haiku (Crisis Chronicles, 2009).