Monday, July 7, 2008

Bloggerel - by Jesus Crisis, a.k.a. John Burroughs (CC#1)

This first poetry chapbook (2008) by John Burroughs, a.k.a. Jesus Crisis, features early versions of some of his most popular performance pieces at the time. This is the work that got Crisis Chronicles Press rolling. It includes poems that Burroughs wrote in and out of prison between 1992 and 2008 and subsequently published for distribution at local poetry events before he ever dreamed of becoming a "real" publisher. Highly collectible.

[The author says:] Bloggerel (Crisis Chronicles #1) was originally published in a home-printed, hand assembled edition of (if I remember correctly) 80 copies on 7/7/2008.  When they were gone, I began printing a 2nd edition (which included revised versions of two of the poems) on 8/15/2009.  Soon I decided that although many of the poems had evolved, the original version was a more accurate reflection of where I was at the time I created the chapbook and I wanted to keep that intact.  So a third edition, with contents indistinguishable from the first, was printed. 

As of 5/17/2014, only a few copies remain and we don't plan to reprint again.  UPDATE: This chapbook is out of print.

Contents include:

Peer through
Prison Scene
At Mass
Holier than Thou
Past Present Future Tense
Allen Ginsberg Wants You
John Cage Engaged and Uncaged
Lobal Warman
Rapists [titled "Bloodshot" in 2nd ed.]
Gas Hike Coup

14 pp. on white paper. Saddle staple bound with carnation red cardstock (a very small number of 3rd edition copies, maybe a dozen, use crimson instead). Design by the author. 8.5" x 5.5".

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