Friday, May 12, 2017

The Black Between Stars - by Elliot Nicely (CC#89)

Dear Readers,

I’m beyond excited to announce the release of my latest chapbook The Black Between Stars through Crisis Chronicles Press. John and I saw this collaboration as an opportunity to create a book thats writing style and design would mark a major departure from the familiar conventions that our readerships have come to expect. We set out to develop a new work that is both startling and stark, a book which invokes a sense of disquiet and discomfort. Through John’s brilliant usage of binary colors and negative space, there is no question that the chapbook’s design, like the subject matter, has a timeless quality, and that his design deepens the poems’ resonance across the arc of the book. I hope you enjoy our most recent effort and thank you for supporting my haiku habit and Crisis Chronicles Press.

Elliot Nicely
(Friday, May 12, 2017) 

The Black Between Stars is "a slight collection of nine haiku on the subject of loss; in particular, the loss of a partner. They are well-executed poems that together form a narrative that is made more powerful by their slim number."
Paul Miller, editor of Modern Haiku

"The Black Between Stars builds a simple story from life and loss and attains a modest complexity that should not be undervalued or overlooked." 
Patricia Prime, from her review in Kokako #27

Where Do You Want It?

Elliot Nicely's work has received numerous accolades which include winning Lit Youngstown's Words Made Visible award and having been recently shortlisted for a Touchstone Award by the Haiku Foundation.  The Black Between Stars by Elliot Nicely is the latest release in our NineSense series of 9-poem chapbooks by writers you need to read.  It is 12 pages, perfect bound, 7" x 4.25" and available for only $4.99 from Crisis Chronicles Press, 535 Parkside Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio 44143 USA. 1st edition of 125 copies. ISBN: 978-1-940996-40-0. 

Nominated for an Ohioana Book Award and a Pushcart Prize.

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Elliot Nicely is poet and teacher from Hunts Corners, Ohio. In recent years, he relocated to Lakewood, Ohio, and released his first chapbook, Tangled Shadows: Senryu and Haiku (Rosenberry Books, 2013).  Over the last decade, his poetry also has appeared across four continents and in more than a dozen anthologies. Today, Elliot is still pursuing all of the answers to all of his questions with the hope that not all of them will be answered.

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