Wednesday, March 29, 2017

13 Poems from the Edge of Extinction - by Adrian Manning (CC#87)

Crisis Chronicles Press is thrilled to announce the long awaited publication of 13 Poems from the Edge of Extinction by Adrian Manning. This fine chapbook is currently out of print.

"Adrian Manning has a phenomenal ability to transform words into pictures. I love the way he paints his poems, brushed with this highly surreal and emotional tone. His newest poetry collection is no exception. Read it and see for yourself."
   —Janne Karlsson

"These short poems do a 'dance on your tongue,' delivering a feast for the mind. I was drawn to them like a moth is drawn to the heat of a lightbulb. Taste them like a hummingbird tastes the nectar of a flower in bloom. Each poem is like a step ladder, each rung leading you to the next one. Food for thought, digest them as you would a warm meal on a cold winter night."
   —A.D. Winans

"When I read work by Adrian Manning I fully expect to be challenged, intrigued, entertained and surprised. This little book is no exception to the rule."
   —John Yamrus

"Adrian Manning is a live-wire from Leicester, England, an old school old soul poet/publisher. Stay on your toes because these lean poems punch well above their weight."
   —Kent Taylor

Adrian Manning's 13 Poems from the Edge of Extinction is hand assembled and saddle stapled. It features white cover stock, pastel light yellow end papers and pastel ivory pages. Cover art by Kevin Eberhardt. 8.5 x 5.5". 18 pp. Laser printed. ISBN: 978-1-940996-39-4. Limited 1st edition of 100 copies.

Adrian Manning lives and writes in Leicester, England. He is a Pushcart nominated poet who has had a number of chapbooks published and many of his poems have appeared in print and online around the world.  For more, visit his Concrete Meat Press.

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