Thursday, July 11, 2013

Crisis at Kindle

Crisis Chronicles Press is thrilled to announce the recent publication of several titles as e-books via Amazon Kindle.  They are:

Elyria: Point A in Ohio Triangle by Alex Gildzen -- Originally published as a chapbook (CC#4) in 2009. This new Kindle edition includes a couple of new poems and a bunch of added photos.

Blue Graffiti by Dianne Borsenik -- Originally published as chapbook  CC#11 in 2011.

This Is How She Fails by Lisa J. Cihlar -- Originally published as chapbook CC#23 in 2012.

White Vases by John Swain -- Originally published as chapbook CC#26 in 2012.

Angel by Sandy Sue Benitez -- Originally published as chapbook CC#33 in 2012.

Barry Merry Baloney by John Burroughs -- By Crisis Chronicles' founder, originally published as an extremely limited edition chapbook (30 copies) by Spare Change Press in 2012.  Because we weren't ready to see it go out of print so soon, we republished it on Kindle.

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