Thursday, October 22, 2009

Suburban Monastery Death Poem - by d.a.levy (CC#5)

Cover photos by Mark Kaufman

On 19 October 2009, Crisis Chronicles Press was pleased to publish d.a. levy's Suburban Monastery Death Poem.  This epic work originally appeared in print in the late 1960s. I transcribed the text for this new Crisis Chronicles version from the second zero edition, an Offense Fund reprint published in Cleveland in 1976 — a copy of which levy's friend rjs (who edited the zero edition) kindly sent me in early 2009.  First, I made this long poem available in its entirety for free in the Crisis Chronicles cyber litmag, because the point of republishing it isn't to make money.  It's a labor of love, an homage, a way to honor levy's legacy and further broadcast his finest work.  Without d.a. levy, neither our Cleveland poetry scene nor our small poetry press community would be as rich (I don't mean financially) as they are.  And levy's Suburban Monastery Death Poem is, in my humble opinion,  one of the finest pieces of literature to come out of not only Cleveland, but also America.  I feel richer for having read it — and I trust you will, too. 

Originally published 19 October 2009. Saddle staple bound using ivory cardstock. Poems printed on ivory, cream and/or white paper.  First CC Press edition inkjet printed.  Later reprints laser printed.  8.5" x 5.5"  Approximately 120 copies made. UPDATE: This chapbook is currently out of print.

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