Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sunshine Liar - by Ryan Swofford (CC#51)

Cover foto of Oaxacan graffiti by Steven B. Smith

Sunshine Liar is a 24-page, 8.5 x 11" chapbook featuring 14 poems by one of the most talented young writers in America, Ryan Swofford. (Hey, I'm 47, so he's young to me!). I could give you a long review of all the great things about these poems that stirred me to eagerly publish them, but I'd prefer you just read the chapbook.  It's a steal at only 5 bucks and I guarantee you'll like it or I will give you your money back.  Nothing to lose!  So what are you waiting for?

"Just read the book [Ryan Swofford] did with John Burroughs' Crisis Chronicles. Great stuff. Took me back to the jazzy Kerouacian verse days!"
John Grochalski, author of The Librarian and Glass City.

To order by snail mail, send the 5 bucks (plus 2 for postage) to Crisis Chronicles Press, 3431 George Avenue, Parma, Ohio 44134 USA.  

Sunshine Liar is hand assembled and side stapled using high quality cream, red and black cardstock with white pages.  Published 16 January 2014.  ISBN: 978-1-940996-03-5.  Approximately 60 copies in print.

Ryan Swofford lives in the Pacific Northwest and edits The Weekenders Magazine. He has a young adult novel, The Ducks, forthcoming in 2014.

Click here to read "Starving Artist" from Sunshine Liar in The Weekenders Magazine.

Click here to read "Portland Blues" from Sunshine Liar in the Crisis Chronicles cyber litmag.
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